Monday, January 31, 2011

An Unfair Opponent...

This week, the DOC has heard of several who have lost their battle with T1D. Hearing these stories and the significance of each loss is devastating! I can't imagine what those families are going through; and to try would be to acknowledge our vulnerability as well. While we know that T1D can kill, we don't like to think of it. Yet, if we are honest with ourselves, it is a constant, ever-present thought. It is this very knowledge that drives us to set an alarm, pull ourselves out of bed at 3am, and drag ourselves into our child's room to check blood sugars. We do our very best to care for and watch over these delicate T1Ds.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that even if we were to do every single thing "correctly", T1D doesn't follow the rules. There are so many variables (growth, hormones, activities, nightmares, etc.), that we can never care for our children perfectly. It is in this helplessness, that we continue to do our best, hoping and praying that our child will always wake up the next morning. There have been so many mornings I go to wake up Joyful Monkey and I find myself holding my breath. I guess, I just know that I can't completely control it.

I do know, however, who IS able to control all of JM's blood glucose levels. I must rest in the knowledge of His sovereignty because I know my vulnerability and helplessness. We will walk this walk with the strength He gives us each day. We will pray for a cure. We will pray for those families who lost loved ones this week. And, we will hold our loved ones a bit closer as we're reminded of how fragile life is.


  1. Hi!

    I found you through the blogger basal! I am a D Mama blogger. My son was dx 11/2008 at 27 months old.

    First of all - I LOVE THE LOOK OF YOUR BLOG!!! Its SO cute!!
    Secondly - I agree! D doesnt play fair. The first thing I tell people when I start to explain about Sugar Boy's diabetes is that there are NO rules... diabetes doesnt follow rules. I love your perspective, though about who IS in control. We all just have to remember and trust in that!


  2. Nice to meet you Donna! In case you didn't notice, I had already grabbed your button, so you're not too new to me. =) It's always nice to see how God is blessing so many in the T1D community!

    Your twins are adorable!

    I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

  3. HI...I too, found you through the "blogger basal" that Meri put together.

    Good to "meet" you. My son,Joe, was diagnosed 4 years ago when he was three. I'll add you to my blogroll.

  4. Hello Reyna! Not sure how I missed your comment...sorry! Nice to meet you, too. I've seen you around as I've been T1D blog reading. =)I've grabbed your button!