History Buff

 Hey! My name is ___HISTORY BUFF___ and I love history and sports. Right now in 4th grade, I play softball and basketball. This last year I went to Springfield, Illinois...the Land of Lincoln, to study A. Lincoln. I am 9 and a half and in 4th grade. I love music by the Jonas Brothers. My favorite Jonas is Nick. I enjoy watching musicals and playing on my computer. I love to write Historical Fiction but mostly read nonfiction. My sisters, JM & SB, are 7 and 8 so I'm the oldest. I really enjoy watching Blazer games and shooting hoops with my Dad. I love to travel places like beaches, California, Colorado and Illinois. At school, I like playing four-square with some competitive boys. I like to feel relaxed whenever I can. That is a little 'bit about me.
First day of School

HB & Cousin

Comparing her hands to Abraham Lincoln's

Outside Lincoln's outhouse...

Aunt Wendy, HB & Dad in front of Lincoln's home

The Old State Capitol

HB & Willie

Aunt Wendy & I at Pease's

Dad & HB next to Lincoln statue

HB & "Cousin" Lincoln

The last clue to the puzzle...

Wow! I'm only 9 and already taller than Willie.

HB & The Lincoln Family

HB as Harriet Tubman

With our long lost relative, Nancy Hanks (Lincoln's mother)

HB & young Lincoln

HB, Dad, & Aunt Wendy with the Lincoln Family!

At Lincoln's Tomb...