Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm sure that everyone who deals with a T1D, or is a T1D, suffers from this periodically. I'm just tired of it! It's not even that I am wondering "Why?" or feeling sorry for "us". I'm too tired to even feel emotion about it. All I know is that I want a full night's sleep free of worry.

My hubby and I take turns getting up with Joyful Monkey to check BG levels. The problem lies in the fact that even when it's not my turn, I wake up wondering if she was indeed checked and what her number was. He's not getting much sleep either. Little sleep makes for a less-than-ideal household. (My house is a wreck as I just feel too tired to deal with it right now.)

The ultra sad thing is that here I am complaining and I'm not even the one having my finger poked or putting infusion sets on my body or feeling the physical tolls of varying sugar levels. Joyful Monkey will never have a "break" from this. Throughout my life, I'm sure I will have short stints of a D break. This line of thought just makes me more discouraged and frustrated with's a vicious cycle. I know that the Lord will give me the strength; I just wish I could store some up so I don't have to feel so drained!

So for now, I'm just dreaming about what life will be like when a cure is found (when my thoughts are coherent, that is)...

What do you do when D burnout hits?

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  1. We ride the wave. :) It ebbs and flows. We can just take one day at at time and try to find joy within the storm!

    I'm sorry you are feeling burnt out. We all go through it...often. It is never ending...but if our kids can do it, we can do it too!