Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BGs, Softball, Mistakes, Substitute Teaching & Endoscopy...a hodge podge of information!

It's been so long that I just wanted to check in. Joyful Monkey's BG levels have been pretty good (knock on wood). This is extremely comforting since we had been dealing with major highs and several lows...glad to be leveling out again. Softball has begun and our life has become INSANE again. I told myself we weren't going to coach again this year so that we could be more cognizant of JM's needs during practices and games. Circumstances left a need for a coach, so of course my hubby and I stepped in.

This year will be different, though. We begin this season with great attention. Last year, we didn't notice her BG crashing and she tested at a 33 during a softball game. It's hard to be in charge of 15 eight year olds during a game and keep a special eye out. JM's health is of immeasurable more importance than having to hold-up a game for a few minutes. We won't let the pressure deter us. That's what we do while walking the road of T1D right? Learn from our mistakes so we'll be better prepared for next time AND thank the Lord for his protection!

You may not know that I am a substitute teacher by profession. April has been an extremely busy month FULL of jobs. A blessing, but also a bit stressful (especially with our new added job as softball coaches). Anyway, this is the reason for my long absence. I don't know how so many of you blog so consistently, but I'm glad you do! I know that while in the midst of this crazy life, I'm not alone. Hopefully, we'll see ya soon!

Oh, and a little update: JM has her Celiac endoscopy this Friday. If you think about us, you could pray that everything would go well. I know it's small, where procedures are concerned, but anytime you put your child under, it's scary. Thanks!