Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joyful Monkey's Story

Saturday's Topic: Saturday Snapshots

So, I'm gonna cheat a bit for today's topic (not really, but kind of). I've chosen to share the power point presentation I created to educate JM's class at school. There are many pics, but it's kind of a story, too! When she finally decided she wanted to share with the class, she helped me to come up with this. 
Hope you enjoy it...

*You'll want to select the full screen button in the bottom right hand corner if you want to read the words.


  1. Great presentation! I bet that helped the kids understand. I enjoyed reading it and looking at all of the pics.

  2. This is an amazing presentation. I'm sure this helped to explain a lot to the kids in the classroom. She is such a beautiful monkey! :)

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hearing about how other mothers educate the people around them. There's always something I haven't thought of...and it's such a joy to remember that we aren't alone!

  4. Your presentation was just perfect for Saturday Snapshots. This was such a great slideshow and I'm sure it really helped JM's class understand diabetes better!!