Thursday, May 26, 2011

Celiac Sister(s)?

Last Friday (the 20th), we "celebrated" Kelsey's 2nd bittersweet! I love that we have grown so much individually and as a family over the past two years. I love that JMonkey's responsibility is recognized and celebrated. I love to see how her sisters show their love and concern for her. I love that my walk with the Lord has deepened. There is so much to celebrate. And yet, such growth comes at great cost. I think this cost is what reminds us not to take the things we have learned, or are learning, for granted.

Life has thrown a new curve ball at us, though its one we've been anticipating. JMonkey's endoscopy biopsy was positive for Celiac Disease. We've known for the past couple weeks, but have not had to go on the gluten-free diet because her case is so mild at this point. The GI doc felt it would be fine if we waited for Social Butterfly's biopsy results before changing everything...that was very welcome news!

Social Butterfly's endoscopy was yesterday. It went well and we should know the "official" results by Tuesday. However, because she is symptomatic, we will begin the diet this weekend. So, the Celiac Sisters have one last gluten meal to enjoy together. We'll "celebrate" this as well. After all, God will use even this to grow us. Just wish I wasn't feeling the growing pains...ouch!


  1. Beautiful embrace. What a blessing that they should have each other....we're intermittently suspicious of another one of our girls.

    Reach out if you have any questions, or need help on this new journey. I'm always here :)

  2. Thanks Wendy! You've already been such a huge blessing as I've begun researching this. Joyful Monkey and Social Butterfly have always been extremely close and I know they're happy to have each other along for the ride! Do your other girls consume gluten regularly? Sorry to hear about your suspicions. Are you going to ask for a TTg test?

  3. Hugs to you! Your family will find a way to thrive during this adjustment...I just know it! I'm so glad you have Wendy, and other peeps in the DOC to turn to if you have questions. This is an amazing community! Sending love and prayers for a smooth transition your way!