Friday, May 13, 2011

11 Things I've Done Because of Diabetes

Friday's Topic: Awesome Things

We wanna look on the bright side, right? We want to choose joy over anger and despair. I figure since I ranted about 10 things I hate about Diabetes, I should try to come up with 11 things I've done because of Diabetes for today's topic. The surprising thing is that I was feeling kind of guilty for my 10 Things I Hate About Diabetes post for Thursday's D-Blog Week and then when I logged on today (after the crazy blogger maintenance stuff yesterday), my post was gone. Well, that took care of it.

11 Awesome Things

11.   I've become acquainted with many of you in the DOC and it's been a privilege to do so!

10.   I've also met many other incredible T1D-Moms outside the DOC!

9.     I've learned more carb counts for food than I ever thought would be important!

8.     I've learned to pay attention to nutrition labels (even more so now, with the Celiac diagnoses)!

7.     I've become a more frequent blogger.

6.     I've learned to have more compassion because everyone has their own story.
5.     We've won a couple Sugar Boluses! =)

4.     I'm reminded each and every day what is truly important!

3.     I spend more quality time with my children!

2.     I rely on the Lord's strength each day, and especially each night.

1.     I feel the Lord's hand on me now, more than I ever had before! He constantly reminds me that I am his cherished child.


  1. nutrition labels are amazingly interesting! it's one of my favorite things to do when i go the supermarket... compare items to see which has more protein, or more fibre - lol :)

  2. I can def spot the carb count in something from a mile away nowt too! I love all your pictures! Your family is so beautiful :)

  3. I like how you came up with one more thing than what we "don't like" about "D". Very POSITIVE post. Thank you.

  4. I love your spin on this topic. 11 awesome things indeed! :)