Friday, June 24, 2011

The Unrelated Post (No T1D or Celiac): Promised Softball Pics & Tragic Loss

As Promised...
First off, here are the softball pics I promised. Photo creds go to my friend Amy, our co-coach and "team photographer". Thanks Amy!

History Buff...

Joyful Monkey...

Celiac Softball Sisters...

 Social Butterfly...

The last weekend of softball was our End of Season Tournament. We took second place in our bracket. The girls played so well, it was amazing! We're one of the youngest teams and we only had 9 players to fight for our second place. No one was able to rest, which made it a bit difficult with Joyful Monkey. She struggled with some lows throughout the games, but nothing a pump suspension and Gatorade couldn't handle (okay, so there is a little T1D in this post).

I think this was my favorite year of softball. History Buff pitched incredibly for her first year of pitching and Social Butterfly grew tremendously as a catcher (she even pitched a bit). Joyful Monkey did fabulously at short stop. That girl knows the game and can anticipate movement quick enough to analyze the play.

Oh, and can you spot the tummietote in Joyful Monkey's pics? It was our first tummietote and JM totally fell in love with it. We now have 2 more (gifts for her 2nd diaversary). Donna was incredible to work with. If you haven't tried a tummietote yet, you absolutely have to! You can find them here:

(You caught me again, more T1D talk...I guess I can't escape it even if I try .)
Tragic Loss...
Okay, so softball pics are easy to post. I've been wanting to write again, but my heart has been heavy and I'm just not sure how to keep writing without acknowledging what happened. Like somehow, if I just kept writing regular Diabetes or Celiac posts, I wouldn't be real or authentic; because what has happened has changed me. I'm a bit more emotional, a little more nostalgic, and a lot more purposeful in my relationships.

Last week, our family experienced a tragic loss. My 23 yr old cousin died in a car accident. I know how hard it's been for our family and can't imagine the pain that my aunt, uncle, and other cousins (his siblings) are going through.

We're a very close family and seeing my dear cousin's heart break has been an added heartache for me. Yet, even while her heart is broken, her faith is strong. She finds solace in the knowledge that her brother is in heaven with Jesus.

While watching my aunt & uncle deal with the loss of their son, I was so touched to see God at work. He gave them such grace and peace. And His sovereignty was so clearly evident as all the pieces of the past few months came to light. I pray they continue to feel his comfort and peace as a new chapter in their lives begin, a chapter without one of their sons.

From the day of the accident to the 4 days following, life was a sprint. Our lives were consumed with grieving and preparing for the memorial service. His memory was ever present and all consuming. Now, the marathon starts. Life has moved on, but the loss is ever present in the background as we continue with the rest of our lives.

I've assured the girls that it's okay to talk about him. (I think they're afraid they'll make me cry.) I want them to remember all of the good times they had with him. I also told them how each of them reminds me of him. History Buff and he had a common love for Adventures in Odyssey. This sparked trivia wars which HB would plan and prepare for weeks in advance. They both also claimed "I can't breathe" when being tickled. =) SB and he had a lot in common. They were both middle children who played the role of peace maker. Like him, SB cares more about who she's doing something with, than what she's actually doing. JM will remind me daily of him, because she has the same "light up the room" smile.

His loss has been another reminder to take advantage of each day we've been given. Don't let another day go by without telling your family (& extended family) that you love them. And, it's been a reminder that through it all, He'll never let go of us. Thanks for letting me share my heart. And, thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness!

A worship song from his memorial service...


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. That just breaks my heart. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. :(

    Love the photos, by the way. They look like they are having so much fun playing softball. :)

  3. I love the softball pics! I can't wait to play with History Buff this year! Wish us luck!
    - History Buff's BFF

  4. Hey!Hey!Hey! My little sis is bumed that you aren't the softball coach this year. She and my parents have decided that she won't do softball this year. I don't know how you are going to go to two different teams this year! It's easier that my little sis isn't playing so we don't have to go to two different games.
    -History buff's BFF
    PS. I hope I get a good position in softball