Monday, June 27, 2011

The ABCs of my Fried Brain

Sometimes it seems my brain is fried. You know? I just don't process info like I used to. 

Maybe I just need to get back to the basics. Let's see...we start with the ABCs, right? Okay, the ABCs in my head look something like this...


A1C, ADA, Alcohol prep pads, Animas, Anxiety, Autoimmune

Balance, Basals, Barley, Batteries, Beta cells, Blood glucose, Boluses

Carb Counting, Cartridges, Celiac, CGMs, Corrections, Courage, Cure

Delica, DOC, Donate, Dreams of a Dexcom

Education, Endocrinologist, EzBG, EzCarb

Fiber, Five-o-Four plan, Food

Glucagon, Glucometer, Glucose tabs, Gluten-free, Grams

Health, Highs, Hope, Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycemia

Insulin, Infusion sets, ISF, IOB

Ketoacidosis, Ketone strips

Lancets, Lantus, Late nights, Lethargy, Lows

MDI, Medical alert bands, Midnight testing, Misunderstood, Money

Novolog, Numbers

Pancreas, Pharmacy, Ping, Prayers, Protein, Pump, Pumpernickel


 Ratios, Research, Rye

Skin-Tac, Skittles, Smarties, Support, SWAG, Syringes

Target range, Tears, Test strips, Tour de Cure, Trends, Tubing, Tummietote, Type 1

UniSolv, Units


Walk to cure, Water, Wheat, Worry

Xanthum gum

Yawning, Yearly blood draws, YOU =)

Zizz (I definitely need one, do you?)

Yeah, there may be a reason I can't process information like I used to. My thought-processing capacity is all used up! If only the ABCs were still simple. Boy, I miss "A is for apple"!  =)

And, if I can't keep all of this straight for one diabetic and two celiacs, I can't imagine how Meri and Heather's brains functions with more than one diabetic child. My hats are off to you , ladies! You have amazing brain power!


  1. With Grandparent camp in full swing hopefully you will get some Zizz.

  2. love this....well, it is our life!

  3. Love your abc's! They are all too familiar to us too : ) Found you on Wendy's blogroll, nice to meet you! : ) Holly