Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heaven is just a bit sweeter...

An enthusiastic, hand-clapping song of "I'll fly away, oh glory..." really makes me reflect. 

I think of a lot of wonderful things when I think of Heaven...first and foremost, the privilege of standing (okay, lying flat on my face) before the LORD. Seeing His glory face to face will be incredibly AWEsome!

I also think of the wonderful people I will be united, or reunited, with. Aside from God, I am most looking forward to meeting my Grandma Jane. There are so many other family members and friends I look forward to praising the Lord with, too.

It doesn't seem that it could get any sweeter. Lately, however, I've taken great hope in the idea that JM's body will someday be working perfectly. Someday, she will be free of the 7-10 finger pokes a day and all of the set changes, and "pain" of T1D.

While I hope for a cure for her in this life, I have faith that the ultimate cure is awaiting her someday because her hope is in the Lord! After all, "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1)." I can't be sure that my hope for a cure in this life will be found, but I am absolutely certain that my hope in the Lord will one day be seen with my own eyes. And it brings me such joy to know that Joyful Monkey's hope is in the Lord, as well. This faith will bring complete healing to both of us; not just our bodies, but our souls! Praise the Lord!

"So we'll wait till Kingdom come,
all the highs and lows are gone.
A little bit longer, and I'll be fine!"
-Nick Jonas (from his song A Little Bit Longer)

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  1. What a blessing to have a sovereign God to place your hope in! From this last week's bible study, the LORD says; "those who hope in me will not be disappointed." (Isaiah 49)

    Your comments have prompted me to think again of how wonderful it will be to see Jesus face to face along with all those 'brothers and sisters' who have gone on before.

    Praise the Lord for a daughter who not only shares your faith but has her own to live by! May she always place her hope in the Lord.